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Klean Guard Ultimate Combo Kit includes: Mini Smart & Pro-X Sprayer (w/ 120 CT Sprayer Tablets & 25FT Expandable Hose)

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This Combo kit comes with The Mini Smart Sprayer, Pro-X Sprayer, Sprayer Tablets & Hose

1 Liter bottle includes USB Cable for rechargeable battery

Introducing the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer with Chlorinated Tablet Attachment: A Revolution in Disinfection

Unleash the future of disinfection with the groundbreaking Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer. Designed to work seamlessly with our Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets, this state-of-the-art sprayer is a game-changer in animal pathogen control. Engineered with the latest technology and a proprietary design, the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer is the first of its kind, offering unprecedented convenience and performance in your disinfection routine.

Key Features:

  • Chlorinated Tablet Attachment: The Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer is the perfect partner for our Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets. Easily attach the tablet to the sprayer to create a powerful disinfection solution that's ready to tackle a broad range of animal pathogens.

  • High-Pressure Wash: With its high-pressure capabilities, this sprayer delivers the force needed to thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces. The high-pressure wash ensures that even the most stubborn contaminants are removed with ease.

  • Shutoff Handle: Our shutoff handle feature grants you complete control over the spray, allowing you to start and stop the disinfection process at your convenience. This feature reduces wastage and conserves resources.

  • Multiple Spray Heads: The Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer incorporates multiple spray heads, ensuring that you can choose the spray pattern that suits your needs best. Whether you require a wide coverage or a more focused stream, this sprayer delivers.

  • Flexible Rod: Reach the most challenging and hard-to-get places effortlessly with the flexible rod. This innovative design feature ensures that no nook or cranny is left untreated, leaving your facility thoroughly disinfected.

  • Proprietary Technology: The Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer is the result of extensive research and development. It boasts completely proprietary technology that sets it apart from any other sprayer on the market. This means you're using a one-of-a-kind tool for your disinfection needs.

Why Choose the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer?

  • Efficiency: The combination of high-pressure washing, multiple spray heads, and a flexible rod makes disinfection quick and thorough.

  • Convenience: The shutoff handle offers on-the-fly control, while the tablet attachment simplifies the disinfection process with our Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets.

  • Effectiveness: The high-pressure wash and proprietary technology ensure that the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer is highly effective in eliminating animal pathogens.

  • Versatility: This sprayer is designed to work with various disinfectants, making it a versatile tool for your facility.

  • Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology that represents a new era in animal pathogen control.

Upgrade your disinfection routine with the Klean Guard Pro-X Sprayer and unlock the power of a completely proprietary, first-of-its-kind technology. Ensure the safety and well-being of the animals in your care while enjoying the efficiency and convenience that this sprayer brings to your operations. It's time to embrace the future of disinfection with Klean Guard.

Introducing the Klean Guard Mini – Your Battery-Powered Super Sprayer!

Discover the ultimate cleaning and disinfecting companion with the Klean Guard Mini. Designed for convenience, efficiency, and affordability, this compact tigerless sprayer is your go-to solution for a pristine, hygienic environment.

Ease of Use: Simplify your cleaning routine with effortless operation.

Rapid Operation: Save time and get the job done quickly with this fast-acting sprayer.

Budget-Friendly: Experience exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Rechargeable and Eco-Friendly: The Mini is equipped with a rechargeable battery, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run.

Generous Capacity: With a 1-liter capacity, the Mini ensures you have enough coverage for efficient cleaning or disinfecting.

Long-lasting Performance: Enjoy up to 60 minutes of continuous spraying per charge, allowing you to cover a large area effortlessly.

Effortless Charging: Utilize the quick and easy USB charging capability, including the necessary cable for your convenience.

Leak-Proof Design: The adjustable nozzle with Viton seals guarantees a leak-free experience, ensuring your sprayer stays mess-free and reliable.

Simple Operation: The Mini boasts a user-friendly one-button operation, making it a breeze for anyone to use.

Versatile Application: The flexible pick-up tube enables multidirectional spraying, adapting to your specific needs.

Perfect Pairing: Combine the Mini with Green Klean® for an unbeatable cleaning and disinfecting combo.

Get your hands on the Klean Guard Mini and elevate your cleaning and disinfecting routine. Effortless, efficient, and effective – that's the Mini promise! Get yours today and experience a new level of hygiene and convenience.

1 Liter bottle includes USB Cable for rechargeable battery

Made of German Parts, Assembled in the United States

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