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Dog Bowl Mat, Dog Mat for Food and Water Pet Cat Large Small Silicone Rubber Plastic Waterproof Feeding Eating Dish Placemat Trays with Edges Lip for Floor, 23.6"X15.7", Black

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  • 👍 PERFECT SIZE DOG BOWL MATS FOR FOOD AND WATER - This dog bowl mat is rubber mat for dog bowls which measures 23.6 by 15.7 inches, fits most pets, a great option for dogs and cats alike. Great silicone mat for dog bowls for holding cats and dogs' bowls, dishes, feeder, stands and so on. This dog food bowl mat offers generous space for your pet to eat and allow room for multiple bowls without overcrowding the mat. Our mat for dog food bowls made of safe silicone is safe and non-toxic
  • 👍 RUBBER DOG MAT FOR FOOD AND WATER WITH RAISED EDGE LIP - Along with cute bone shaped design on surface to keep bowls stable in place and enhance the decor to your home, this silicone dog food mat, features a .125 inch thick lip to hold all the mess inside and prevent them from spilling onto your clean floor. Warm Tips:(1)Only one side of the dog food pad has the bone shaped design; (2)The dog food water mat can hug the floor and the traction will be better if you put bowls or food on it
  • 👍 WATERPROOF DOG FOOD MATS FOR FLOORS WITH EDGES - The waterproof mat for dog bowl is waterproof dog mats for food and water, which is washable, wipeable and easy to clean. Simply hand-wash the dog floor mat or put the dog food water bowl mats for floors into the dishwasher, and you'll never have to worry! Flexible silicone material of the dog rubber floor mat allows you to roll it up and store away with ease in a drawer when not in use. They are decorative, stylish and durable
  • 👍 NON SLIP DOG FEEDING MAT & DOG PLACEMATS FOR FOOD AND WATER - Our pet feeding mat can be used as feeding mat for dog bowls, rubber dog eating mat, dog eating tray, dog bowl placemat, dog placemat washable, dog plastic placemat, dog dish placemat, silicone dog feeding bowl mat, doggie placemat, dog feeding plate, silicone placemat for bunny, rubber dog feeding mat, raised dog feeding dishes and so on. Soft and environmental silicone feeding mat will better keep your pet's health
  • 👍 PREMIUM DOG DISH MAT & DOG TRAY FOR FOOD AND WATER - Our dog food tray has multiple uses ranging from dog food tray, dog food trays for floors waterproof, dog bowl tray for food and water, dog food pan trays, silicone dog food tray, farmhouse dog dish, tray for dog bowls, dog pad tray, childproof dog dish, dog water bowl tray, plastic dog food tray, cute dog dish and large dog tray for food and water - the list goes on and on. Dishwasher safe, fade resistant, stain resistant and waterproof

Product Description

Why Are You Choosing the NWFHTD Silicone Dog Food Mat?

----100% Food Grade pet bowl mat for food and water. BPA free, PVC and phthalate-free, odorless and reusable. Silicone dog mat is much better than rubber dog mat, plastic dog mat and other material pet mat because it is more safe and easier to clean. Our dog bowl pads have multiple uses ranging from doggie bowl mat, dog bowl grip mat, rubber mat for cat bowls, no slip dog bowl mat, food mat for cat bowls, pet water bowl mat and absorbent mat for dog bowls - the list goes on and on.

----- Perfect Size: 23.6" x 15.7" is a large dog bowl mat and 17.7" x 11.8" is small dog bowl mat . The large size pet mats for food and water are suitable for all kinds of dogs and cats, small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs or multiple pets, offering generous space for your pet to eat and allowing room for dog food bowls or cat food bowls without overcrowding the rubber mat for dog bowls. The small bowl mat can be used as small cat food mat, cat food bowl mat, cat feeding mat, cat food tray, cat food mats for floor, cat bowl mat or other small pet food mat.

----- Non slip pet food mats waterproof with high raised edge lips. It can used as cat food mat, non skid pet food mat, puppy food mat, non slip dog food mat, cat food pad, doggy food mat, plate for dogs food and water, plastic dog food mat or placemat for dog bowls. It can hold all the mess inside and prevent food, water and treats from spilling onto your clean floor. Perfect for any liveable space, great for tiled, carpeted or hardwood floors. It is a no spill dog eating mat and let your furry pets have a good time eating.

----- Premium pet food mats for floor. This pet waterproof food mats for floor have multiple uses ranging from cat food mats for floor, dog dish mats for floors waterproof, dog water bowl mats for floors waterproof, waterproof floor mat for pets, water bowl mat for dogs waterproof, cat food mats for floor with lip, cat food mats waterproof with edges, silicone waterproof pet food mat, waterproof cat pad or cat placemats for the floor. It can hold all the mess inside and prevent food, water and treats from spilling onto your clean floor.

---- Our pet placemat for food and water can be used as cat feeding mat, cat eating mat, cat placemat for food and water, pet feeding dish trays, pet feeding mats for dogs, pet feeding mat for cat, feeding mat for cat bowls, cat eating tray, cat feeding plates, dog bowl placemats, cat dish placemat, pet elements placemat, silicone pet placemat, cat plastic placemats, rubber dog feeding mat and raised dog feeding dishes - the list goes on and on.

---- Our pet tray for food and water has multiple uses ranging from pet food dish mat, cat dishes for food and water, premium pet food tray for cat, pet serving tray, cat water tray, cat serving dish, rabbit serving dish, cat food dish mat xl, pet bowl tray small, plastic cat dishes, cute cat dishes for food and water, cat feeding dish, cat travel dishes, flat cat dish, bone shaped dish, rabbit food dish, outdoor winter cat water dish, cute cat food dish, pet food dishes for cats, pet food tray extra large, pet dish mat waterproof, pet dishes plastic, pet plastic tray, pet pan tray, pet dishes for cats, small pet tray, non skid pet dish, pet dish tray small, pet trays for food pet dish tray and other animal feeding dish - the list goes on and on.

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