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Canīnus-Ext ™ RTU Short Term (3 days) Extender Canine Extender 20ML

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Implementing the newest technology, we would like to introduce you to Canīnus-EXT a superior premiere canine extender from Hoëk Labs is 100% animal protein & milk free.

Our Canīnus-EXT protects the sperm cells during chilled storage & safe throughout your shipping process.

It also protects the sperm cells from damage caused by temperature changes during shipping, as wells as acts as a preventative from & oxidative stress and neutralizes any negative effects when shipped.

Canīnus-EXT has a 2-year shelf life or a total of 24 months from date of production when stored at 40°F.

Extenders maintain 70% of its beginning motility during the given period for storage/transport.

Our RTU Extender is ready to use and does not require any mixing. Product has been formulated to make your experience easier and to ensure the success of its journey.

Designed to assure high conservation performance of canine semen.


* Ideal for international/domestic shipping

* Contains antibiotic

20 ML

This is a product of the United Kingdom

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