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Avian Color & Shine Superfood Supplement Powder for Captive Birds - Flaxseed, Yucca, Kelp, Phytonutrients & Protein - Supports Energy, Plumage, Digestive & Immune Health - 3.5Oz

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  • : Fresh-ground flaxseed base to deliver a healthy balance of Omega fatty acids, fiber & antioxidants, plus superfood ingredients like yucca, dried kelp & proteins (soy & whey). All to provide your captive bird support for thick plumage, energy & digestion.
  • : Powders are the most potent way to deliver efficacious & fresh ingredients
  • : We use patented cold process manufacturing technology for maximum nutritional value
  • : Proprietary blends of non-GMO superfoods to add key nutrients into your bird's diet
  • : Made in the USA with high-quality ingredients to help pets live their best lives ever when fed daily

Product Description

Health & beauty worth chirping about

Of course birds like to look at themselves in the mirror. How else can they admire their beautiful, healthy plumage? Just like us humans though, if your avian isn’t getting the nutritional support they need, they can suffer from low energy, dull feathers, digestive troubles, and just not feel like their perky selves. The good news is it is easy to add The Missing Link powerful powder to their daily diet to give them the health support they need to shine. The Missing Link Avian Color & Shine powder supplement delivers health benefits for all varieties of captive birds.

Fresh-ground flaxseed makes up the base of the formula to deliver a healthy balance of Omega fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants. Additional superfood ingredients like yucca, protein and dried kelp help birds flourish. This powder supplement also provides powerful support for thick plumage and feather growth, maintaining energy levels, and healthy digestion & immune system responses.

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