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Aquarium Heater 100W Submersible Fish Tank 10-40 Gallon Heater Betta Turtle Adjust Thermostat Water Heater 68 to 94°F Fast Heating Temperature Controller LED Display

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Product Description

Great for fresh or saltwater aquariums

This submersible aquarium heater uses a quartz glass heating tube, durable, suitable for fresh water and saltwater.

This adjustable aquarium heater can be used in various aquariums, such as square, cylindrical, or bowl shaped aquariums, glass, acrylic, or plastic aquariums.

Anti scald design

The fish tank heater has a plastic protective cover with a gap width of about 6-7 mm to prevent fish from entering, so you don't need to worry about the fish being stuck or burnt.

It can protect your little turtle and fish from being burned.

Easy to operate

External temperature controller, easy to set temperature.

Built-in thermometer, very sensitive in water.

LED digital display shows the water temperature.

Automatic constant temperature function

When the water temperature reaches the specified value, the heater automatically stops heating.

When the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heater automatically starts heating.

Once the fish tank heater is removed from the water, it will automatically turn off.

Instructions for use of aquarium heater

The aquarium heater with plastic protective cover, small and compact. It has two strong suction cups, which can be adsorbed on the wall or bottom of the fish tank. The lowest water level is only 3cm.

It is suitable for all kinds of the aquarium.

How to set the temperature:

After the heater is completely put into the water, plug in the power supply, wait for about 10 seconds, and the LED will display the accurate water temperature. Then you can start setting the temperature.

Long press the set key to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Then press the set key on the controller continuously, and the LED number will cycle to change. When you get the desired number, stop and wait for the led to flash 3 times, and the setting is completed.

After the temperature is set and during heating, the LED displays the water temperature.

Heater indicator: red indicates heating, and off indicates stopping heating.

Input Wire Charge USB Charge Wire Charge Wire Charge
Aquarium Size 10-40 Gallon Bucket/Tank 20-600 Gallon 20-600 Gallon
Usage Aquarium Adjust Heater Portable Oxygen Pump Oxygen Pump Oxygen Pump

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