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84914 Rift Lake Cichlid Buffer, Multi-Lake Formula Raises KH & Ph, 3Lb

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  • Simulates African Rift Lake Chemistry
  • Multi Lake Formula
  • Creates ideal Conditions for Successful Breeding
  • Raises KH and pH
  • Age range description: All Life Stages

Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Buffer is a special blend of carbonate salts formulated to replicate the natural chemistry/habitat of the African Rift Lakes by increasing buffer capacity, alkalinity and pH. When used as directed, Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Buffer will maintain a pH of 7. 8 - 8. 4 for Malawi and Victorian Cichlids and 9. 0 -9. 4 for Tanganyikian Cichlids. Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Buffer will help your cichlids thrive and reproduce while promoting health, growth and intensified color. For best results use in combination with Fritz Rift Lake Probiotic Cichlid Salt

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