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800123 30Oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup Food Water Treat Parrot Parrotlet Macaw

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  • The 800123 30oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup from Bonka Bird Toys is a durable larger cup for your cage
  • The 800123 has an easy to use clamp backet with a big hoop holder for the stainless steel cup
  • The cup is great for medium to large birds with its 30oz size, easy to see color and sturdy design.
  • The hoop attachment has a threaded core and chunky wing nut for fast and simple installation.
  • The 800123 30oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup is 100% bird safe and perfect for food, water and treats.

Product Description

The 800123 30oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup from Bonka Bird Toys!

800123 30oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup

The  30oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup from Bonka Bird Toys is a durable and classic bird feeding cup for your feathered friend! The 30oz Clamp Cup is made with high quality stainless steel that has a wonderful reflective silver finish. The cup will continue to look wonderful through many feedings and cleans up easy and quick. The mouth of the bowl is larger than the bottom of the bowl which makes for easy cleaning and feeding. The lip of the bowl does have a slight curve for even more comfortable feeding sessions for your pet. The hanger is a sturdy high quality metal in a loop design. The bowl hoop is sturdily welded to rounded rectangular clamp bracket in (2) places. This bracket has an easy to use wing nut for fast hanging. The 800123 30oz Stainless Steel Clamp Cup is 100% bird safe. The clamp cup measures about (5.87) inches wide, (2.25) inches tall and (6.87) inches deep from the end of the thread to the front of the clamp cup.

Ready made for your bird cage!

High quality stainless steel cup.

The stainless steel cup in the 800123 is made of high quality stainless steel. This steel has a great reflective silver finish that cleans up like new and lasts for many many feeding sessions. The classic stainless steel look matches almost any bird cage out there with style. The cup can hold treats, liquid, food and anything else your pet would like! The cup can also be used for other pets and cages.

Easy to use hanging clamp.

The hanging loop from the 800123 30oz Clamp Cup has a wide rounded rectangular hanging clamp. This clamp has (2) wide metal brackets with a threaded core come out of the middle and a wing nut screwed on. The wing nut is easy to manipulate with your fingers and the wide rectangular clamps can conveniently grab the cage bars.

Classic feeding bird cup look!

The 800123 30oz Clamp Cup provides that bird feeding cup look in the cage that everyone loves! Cups like these are excellent to have in stock as its easy to install as many as you need in your pets cage. Having a cup for water and food for your pet is a needed cage addition, but you can also add another cup for treats, foraging material and anything else!

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