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3561 Pk6 Large Stuffed Vine Balls Natural Chew Colorful Parrot Cockatoo Macaw Grey

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  • The Large Stuffed Vine Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are colorful and natural chewing foot toy
  • These excellent vine balls are made with all natural bird safe material thats perfect for chewing.
  • Inside of each of the large vine balls are bundles of colorful shreddy paper thats fun to pull out!
  • The lightweight of the vine balls make them perfect to pickup, carry around and throw all over!
  • The 3561 Pk6 Large Stuffed Vine Balls are 100% bird safe and ideal for adding safe chewing fun.

Product Description

The Large Stuffed Vine Balls from Bonka Bird Toys!

Fun & natural foot toys for your feathered friend!

The Large Stuffed Vine Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are a favorite foot toy for the medium to large sized feathered friend in your life! This bird toy comes in assorted colors each of them bright and bird pleasing. Each of the balls are made of all natural vine, 100% bird safe and brightly colored to stand out in any cage. The balls have been stuffed with shreddy paper which your pet will love chewing apart. Once they start pulling out the vine paper they'll have a blast getting every last strip out. The balls can be used as straightfoward foot toys with their lightweight and easy to grab material or added to parts of the cage and other toys. These foot toys are so delightful that they can even be used for regular art and craft projects. These are natural items and their shape, weight and measurements may vary slightly from pack to pack.

The Large Stuffed Vine Balls is 100% bird safe ships in bright bird pleasing colors and weighs and measures about:

Diameter: (3.25) inches or (3 1/4) inches

Single ball weight: Under (1) ounce

  • Great bright colors.
  • Stuffed with shredding paper.
  • Easy to pickup and play with.
  • 100% bird safe.

Made with natural vine.

Each of the Large Stuffed Vine Balls have been made with many pieces of natural vine. This vine has been formed into a sphere and brightly colored to stand out in any cage or aviary. This bird safe foot toy is excellent for pets of all ages and abilities with its easy to grab and bite texture.

Stuffed with shreddy paper!

Each of the vine balls have been stuffed with shreddy paper thats super bird enticing! Its great fun for pet birds to exercise their foraging instinct and these balls let them do just that. As they bite and chew the vine pieces away they'll reveal the paper stuffing inside. This paper is crinkled and moves around a great deal when interacted with making even more fun as your pet pulls it out.

Convenient size for pets and more!

The vine balls have an approximate (3.25) or (3 1/4) inch diameter but this does vary slightly as these are natural items. This lets them stand out in cages for pets of any size. These vine balls are great fun for other pets too and can even be used in art and craft projects!

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