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3 pack Sola Atta Balls Foot Beak Chew Forage Natural Organic Small Pet Ball

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Color: Sola Atta Balls Pk3
  • The 1214 pk3 Sola Atta Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are fabulous beak and foot toys for your pet bird!
  • Each sola ball is made with all natural Sola plant root making for perfect beak chewing and foraging
  • Small pets such as chinchilla, hamsters, and gerbils love to gnaw on sola atta chew toy.
  • Birds naturally forage for food by tearing up bark. Foraging toys like Sola support this behavoir.
  • Made using the stems of the sola plant, the organic bird toy is 100% all natural and non-toxic.

Product Description

1214 pk3 Sola Atta Balls Bonka Bird Toys

Brilliant bird foot and chew toys!

The 1214 pk3 Sola Atta Ball from Bonka Bird Toys are first-rate bird foot toys that pets absolutely love! This bird toy pack includes (3) sola atta balls. Each sola ball is made from the stem of the Sola plant. This plants botanical name is Aeschynomene Aspera and makes for the ideal bird (and other pets too!) foot and chew toy. The sola material is soft, spongy and super easy for pets to bite with their beak and grab with their feet. The sola stems have been arranged in an eye catching ball formation that you and your pet will adore. The balls can be easily broken up to make different shapes or to provide extra chewing and foraging material. The sola material also weighs very little allowing your pet to pick the balls up, toss them around and manipulate them as they see fit. The sola balls are great for other small pets providing a safe natural chew material. The sola balls can even be used for regular art and craft projects with their charming shape and neat looking surfaces. The 1214 pk3 Sola Atta balls are 100% bird safe and each measure about (2.5) inches in diameter. Keep in mind that the size of each ball varies slightly as these are natural products.

  • A great natural, chewable foot toy.
  • All bird safe.
  • Multiple uses.
  • 100% bird safe.

Sola Balls are excellent additions to any cage.

Eye catching design.

Each sola ball in the 1214 pk3 Sola Atta Balls are shaped in a chunky sphere form. The roots of each piece of sola root can be seen from the outside creating neat looking dots all around the sola ball. Your pet will love to grab on each piece of sola and tug it off the ball. As they play and interact with the sola balls they'll change shape and continue to stay exciting for your pet.

Three balls in the pack.

With (3) sola balls in the 1214 you'll be able to experiment with many different ways of entertaining your pet. All pet birds need to have entertaining toys in their cage to maintain their health. The sola balls provide this and also give your pet bird an ideal chew and forage material. The balls can easily be broken up for foraging material to stuff into other toys and objects. With their soft spongy surface, chewable material and delightful look the sola atta balls are sure to help your pet stay active and entertained.

Great for arts and crafts too!

The sola balls look so wonderful they can also be used for art and craft projects. There are too many uses to list here but your imagination is sure to think of plenty! Bring them to classroom to add some texture to lesson. Use them in craft creations to add cool looking textures. Even perfect as home decor, the sola balls uses are limitless!

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